Please help poor Molly in her time of need.

Molly arrived at the sanctuary after her owner had sadly passed away. A lovely 10 yr old Lab, who was loved for many years, but perhaps due to her owners declining health, had missed out on the veterinary care she so desperately needed. We could see immediately on arrival that this poor girl was in a state of suffering, with a horrendous ear infection, her ears crusted and infected needed immediate treatment. As Molly’s health declined over 24 hours we started to see signs of jaundice, yellow gums, sickness and lethargy, she was underweight apparently due to a gastro bug she’d had a month ago, but with no veterinary history we started to worry. She was rushed to the vets where she has spent the last few days receiving fluids, antibiotics and the next stage will be scans and Xrays to diagnose her illness.

Although many would have given up on an older dog at this stage, we have seen vast improvements in her health since the correct medical care has been provided, and following a positive outlook from our veterinary team we truly feel she deserves a chance at happiness and a pain free future. However she is so desperately sad in kennels that an urgent foster place will be looked for to provide shelter, warmth and safety as well as her continued medical needs.

We will endeavor to do all we can to make her as comfortable as possible. She deserves a chance at happiness and we will not give up on her. As with many of the animals that come to the sanctuary, we will always provide the best level of medical care but we cannot do this without your help. With vets bills a staggering 100K this last year, we are desperately seeking financial help to support dogs like Molly in their quest to get well and see out their retirement years in comfort and happiness.

Please consider donating for Molly and other animals like her, just a few pounds can go such a long way. Thank you so much from all of our furry friends in need.