Rehome a Small Furry

Although we are a sanctuary that predominately rescues cats and dogs we do also get the occasional rabbit, ferret and other small furry from time to time. We also offer a home from home adoption scheme to help families re-home their pets without the need to come to the sanctuary. As small animals are often housed in unsuitable accommodation, our aim is to guide adopters to their needs and advise of housing that we feel offers the best living conditions.
Please see our Adoption Procedures for more details or speak to our re-homing team at the sanctuary.

Please see below for our current residents.

Hamsters & Gerbils Looking for Homes







Although not known for our small animals, we actually have lots of lovely Hamsters and also a little Gerbil looking for homes. We do have special requirements for our small furries to make sure they get big enough housing and plenty of enrichment, but please see our Adoption Procedures for more information how to rehome one of these little furries. All these new arrivals are able to be handled and are quite friendly but would prefer older children who are calm and gently to handle them carefully.

George & Mildred

This lovely pair came to us after an illness in the family where many of the small birds had to be rehomed. They are a great pair, spending the day running around the compound searching for food. Mildred will lay an occasional egg, and George who has always been silent has now found his voice, although he will wait to be let our of his hen house before waking you up. They are easy to care for however we would like them to be free range and kept as family pets and ideally with other chickens, although George will need to be the only cockerel in the roost… Please contact the sanctuary for more information.