Rehome a Small Furry

Although we are a sanctuary that predominately rescues cats and dogs we do also get the occasional rabbit, ferret and other small furry from time to time.




Joey & Sommer

Meet Sommer & Joey two delightful 1 year old hamsters looking for their forever homes. Both are a little shy but happy to be handled occasionally, they would be best suited to a home with adults or teens as they are a little scared of younger children. Happy to have the occasional cuddle, they are super cute and would love a loving home to call their own.

Please note Hamsters will need a large cage with plenty of enrichment, activity ball etc. We would ask potential adopters to please complete a form by sending an email to or call into the sanctuary to complete one at reception. A home check will be needed, as well as viewing the Hamsters new housing to ensure its suitability, minimum cage size should be 2ft in length.

Both Sommer & Joey do not live together and are available for rehoming separately.







Home from home adoption.

Wotsit is a one eared, approx 5 year old bunny who likes to rule the home. She is an INDOOR rabbit who loves had a terrible start in life and lost an ear as her mother was so stressed she chewed it off.

It takes a while to win her trust, but once you have it, she loves you, although she will nip people she doesn’t know. She is completely litter trained and is used to a sleeping in a large cage at night but running around the house in the day. She does enjoy heading out the garden for some grass grazing but would predominantly need to live indoors. Wotsit was rescued a few years ago, but due to a change in circumstances she has now found herself in need of a new home.

Wotsit is not a bunny for a child, nor is she a bunny for anyone who has any other furry pets, but in the right home with someone who has the time to give her to help build her confidence, she will make a wonderful loyal companion.

If you feel you could offer Wotsit the right home please email or call the sanctuary for more information.