Please help us! This poor emaciated Collie Huski mix has come to us after he was found collapsed in a field. Luckily a passer-by spotted him lying there, clearly exhausted and unable to get to his feet.

On arrival at the vets, they found he was covered in faeces and urine and seriously malnourished ,weighing just 11 kilos. As he almost certainly hadn’t had access to food for some time, he was dangerously weak and with so much muscle wastage, he was struggling to stand up. Ted was soaked in urine and faeces, indicating that he had possibly been locked in a shed, garage or crate, possibly even trapped somewhere.

Thank goodness he is now receiving treatment and lots of TLC with us at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, but he has an extremely long way to go before we can get him back to a healthy condition.

Shocking cases like Ted’s jst shouldn’t ever happen; how did he end up in a field waiting to die? Thank goodness he was found in time as he may not have survived another night lying out in the freezing cold…. is there someone who should have been responsible for him or has he been left and neglected, locked away out of sight with no one to care for him? He is not microchipped or neutered and this amazing dog is so loving and loyal to people in spite of all the heartache and trauma he has clearly been through, he still trusts the humans who care for him.

Ted will need extensive ongoing veterinary care so we have set up a special appeal for him to help pay for his rehabilitation and special vet food with cooked chicken to gently restore his digestive system.

Ted would be truly grateful if you could please consider donating to this appeal to help him and other animals who are tragically still being neglected. We cannot continue the work we do without your help. Any small amount you can spare will go such a long way to help us and will be of huge benefit to all our precious rescued animals in our care. Thank you so very much.