Save Scooby’s Sight

Scooby a 14 year old Shih Tzu has had such a hard few months, his owner passed away leaving him sad and lonely in kennels. Poor Scooby came to us with only one eye; we are not sure how he lost it, whether from illness or from birth. We have been giving him regular care for his remaining eye that was repetitively sore and weepy. After becoming worse and causing Scooby pain we referred him to an eye specialist at Rowe Vets, the prognosis was not great, and with an ulcer and infection surgery was necessary to save his one eye and stop him from going blind. Although we knew the surgery would be costly, saving his sight would be priceless and although he is an older boy, he is full of life and after such a hard few months he deserved happiness. The surgery was a challenge due to the size of the hole in the cornea, sadly it was also noticed that he had a severe cataract which needed to be removed. They also found his eyelids were too big for his eyes making it difficult for him to blink whilst also rubbing on the cornea. After finishing his cataract and corneal repair they also repaired his eyelids to give him the best chance of his corneal repair healing and not coming back. The next week will be critical to his recovery as his eye will remain liable to rupturing again until the stitches heal. Knowing that Holly hedge is struggling to financially meet the needs of these specialist surgeries,  The wonderful vet charged a discounted fee of £1000 for all of his surgery and they are keeping him there free of charge until they know he is on the road to recovery. This wonderful gesture of kindness will give Scooby the best possible chance at keeping his sight and we cannot thank the veterinary team enough. We will of course keep people updated on his progress, but in the meantime £1000 is still so much for us to find and we would be so grateful if you could donate to his fund and help us continue to give all our rescues the medical treatment they need and deserve.


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