Please support Tess in her time of need

Now the Christmas rush has ended, please spare a thought for the animals in our care that desperately need your help.

One such resident is sweet oldie Tess who is an 11 year old Doberman. Arriving with a heartbroken family, her owner is terminally ill and unable to care for her any longer, hearing such good things about Holly Hedge they choose us to keep her safe. She was rescued as a young dog from an awful home where she was apparently locked under the stairs and due to this trauma has developed some coping strategies which includes circling and suckling on a blankie. Amazingly after years of TLC she copes wonderfully in the home and is laid back, easy going, calm and quiet, but she does love her walks out and trots along happily.

However, due to her age she does have some underlying health issues which we have had to investigate. She had mammory tags of skin that hung down uncomfortably and had become swollen and inflamed, these had to be removed in surgery to stop them being so painful, but she also has larger lumps and bumps which at this time we have left untreated, as sadly she may not survive the trauma of such a large surgery. It is a waiting game, which will need exploring, and we have had to do blood tests to watch for any changes, but for now the aim is to find her a loving home where she can live out her final years in comfort.

She is calm and quiet and friendly, she finds playful dogs too much, but could possibly live with another older dog or a dog that might just ignore her. Definitely no cats and she will need someone to be home for most of the day as she does enjoy the company. If there is any further treatment required she may need an occasional trip to our vets which will be supported financially by Holly Hedge.

Please help us support the veterinary care Tess needs along with other elderly residents who come to us at such a vulnerable time in their lives. We would be so grateful. Donate to her appeal by clicking the following link