Karla & Jet
  • Name: Karla & Jet
  • Age: 6
  • Sex: Male
  • Breed: Greyhound/Lurcher
  • Good with Cats: No
  • Good with Dogs: Some
  • Good with Children: Yes 12 +


Karla & Jet aged approx 6 & 9 are two loving, large lap dogs, who do like to put paws on shoulders and give you a cuddle! Don’t be put off by having two together as they are easy to walk particularly in the woods and the outdoors, plus they love to spoon on their sofa and laze around most of the day. Sadly being kenneled for most of their life they will need to adapt to indoor living and learning house etiquette, although when out with volunteers in their home, they behaved exceptionally well preferring a snooze on the couch than getting into mischief.  A rural setting would suit them well, but they may chase small furries! With plenty of company and an easy going lifestyle these two will fit in easily into most homes.