All I Want For Christmas Is

……..YOU! If our Holly Hedge animals could talk – or sing, like Maria Carey! – it would definitely be their song…

When Christmas comes around, we expect to have up to a hundred dogs and cats spending the festive season with us and trying to make the best of things….when all they really want for Christmas is to share a proper home with loving, caring owners. And for a sad few, this won’t be their first Holly Hedge Christmas. Maddie, our gentle, easy-going Rottweiler, enjoyed  ten very special Christmases … until her owner passed away just before Christmas last year. She came to us on 12th December 2016. Maddie was sadly preparing for her second Holly Hedge Christmas; an older girl at 11 who deserved to spend the next bit of her life with someone who will love her even more than we did. We are so happy to report this week Maddie got her Christmas wish and was adopted in to her new Forever Home. But it’s still the second Holly Hedge Christmas for Marley, Poppy, Jet and Karla – to name a few, all living on memories of happier family Christmas times.

We do everything we can at Holly Hedge to make our residents Christmas as nice as possible, we heat the floors in our kennels over the colder months, and we also make sure everyone gets a delicious Christmas dinner and wrapped presents on Christmas day – even Christmas stockings! If you are able to help by adopting one of our wonderful four legged friends in to you own home please get in touch, if not perhaps you can donate to our Christmas campaign to help us with the extra costs involved over these busy months.

We are so grateful for the help of our supporters, staff and volunteers over the Christmas period and from all at Holly Hedge we wish you a very Meowy Christmas and a Woofing New Year!

Please consider donating to this Christmas campaign by clicking here.