Paw Pal

Become a Holly Hedge Paw Pal

Our aim at Holly Hedge is to find all the animals that we take into our care their fur-ever homes.  Whilst they stay with us, you could help us to help them by becoming their Paw Pal.

What does it mean to be a Paw Pal?

Paw Pals give from £5 a month to help look after the animals in our care whilst we find their fur-ever homes. As our aim is to rehome the animals, it is likely that you may be a Paw Pal to multiple animals – how wonderful is that!

Your monthly sponsorship will help pay for their needs at Holly Hedge – like regular nutritious meals, veterinary care, a warm bed, and toys to keep them happy and entertained. It will also help us keep them vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped, neutered and to pay towards any other medical treatment that may be needed.  In addition to this, your sponsorship can help provide tailor made training and behaviour support for those animals who need it. All of this will help them find those fur-ever homes they long for and deserve, and you can help make it happen!

As a Paw pal you will receive our monthly e-newsletter, a certificate and monthly updates from your chosen pet.

When the happy day arrives, we will also tell you when your pet has found a new home, with details on the next pet your sponsorship is helping to rehome.

Each year we help hundreds of pets find new homes and by becoming a Holly Hedge Paw Pal you will be helping even further.

A Gift that keeps on Giving

Maybe you, or someone you know has always wanted to adopt a cat or a dog, but circumstances have meant that it has not been possible…

Then the Holly Hedge Paw Pal scheme may be perfect for you! You can get that warm feeling in your tummy knowing that you are supporting your chosen animal whilst they wait for their fur-ever home. When your chosen Paw Pal is rehomed we will let you know, and let you know who your new Paw Pal will be.

A pet should not be a gift, but a Holly Hedge Paw Pal can be! The Holly Hedge Paw Pal scheme is a wonderful gift for those animal lovers in your life.

Become a Paw Pal

Email and let us know the following information: what amount would you like to donate, (minimum of £5) your name and address. We will then send you your Paw Pal certificate and you can feel good knowing that your gift has made a difference to the lives of the animals in our care.

Buy a Paw Pal as a Gift

Email and let us know the following information: what amount would you like to donate, (minimum of £5) the recipient’s name and address. We will then send your Paw Pal gift to your friend, family or loved one, and you can feel good knowing that your gift has made a difference to the lives of the animals in our care.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Holly Hedge Paw Pal Scheme?

The scheme enables sponsors to give from £5 a month to help look after the animals in the Sanctuary while we find them their forever homes.

What does my sponsorship money buy?

Your monthly donations will help fund everyday items, like food, comfy beds, exercise and toys. Your gift means we can ensure that the animals are vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, neutered and that they receive any other veterinary treatment they need. Plus, your donations will help fund any training and behaviour support they need, or extra TLC to help get them ready for their new homes. Your sponsorship goes towards helping all the pets in our care, not just the one you have picked.

What makes the Paw Pal scheme different?

As a Paw Pal, you are helping stray or abandoned cats and dogs to find their forever homes.

What is lovely about this scheme is that you may get the chance to help many animals – rather than just one, as it is possible that your chosen animal will be rehomed!  We will keep you updated every step of the way with regular email updates, so you’ll be one of the first to know when they’re rehomed.

Will I receive anything?

You will receive a welcome pack in the post which will include a photograph of your chosen Paw Pal with their story so far, and a message from them, and a certificate. After that you will get regular email updates, which means that more of your money goes directly to supporting the animals. Once they are rehomed, you will receive an email telling you of the good news!

What happens when my Paw Pal is rehomed?

We will let you know the wonderful news by email, and we will tell you all about your new Paw Pal. We will automatically choose this Paw Pal for you, but you will be able to choose a different Paw Pal if you would like, as the email will include a link to all our pets who need a Paw Pal.

It seems as if I get a new Paw Pal nearly every month. Why? 

This is a good thing! It means that your Paw Pals have been rehomed, and have found their fur-ever homes! You may also find that some animals will take longer to rehome. This could be because they have health or behavioural problems which we need to help them through before they are rehomed. It may also be that they are simply being overlooked. This could be because they are a less popular breed, or that they are entering their twilight years. Finding homes for some pets may only take a few weeks, but some can take longer.

Will anyone else sponsor my Paw Pal?

Yes. It will be possible for each animal to have multiple Paw Pals.

How does the Paw Pal scheme work?

It’s simple. Read about each of the animals in our care. Choose the animal you would like to be your Paw Pal. click the ‘Paw Pal’ button, fill in all your details and set up your regular gift from £5 a month by direct debit. You’ll receive a confirmation and welcome email – with a certificate and pet profile you can download and print. Soon after you’ll also receive a welcome pack in the post.

When does my Paw Pal scheme end?

Your scheme continues helping the animals for as long as your direct debit remains active. We hope you won’t, but if you are thinking of cancelling please contact us on 01275 474719

Can I have more than one Paw Pal? 

Yes! There is no limit on the number of Paw Pals you can have. You will need to set up a separate Direct Debit for each one.

Can I sponsor a pet as a gift for someone else?

Yes! The Paw Pal scheme is the perfect present for animal lovers. The Holly Hedge Paw Pal scheme given as a gift to your loved one means that from as little as £5 a month they will receive monthly updates from real homeless pets in our care who are waiting for their forever homes. Your chosen friend or family member will also receive updates and a certificate from their chosen Paw Pal.