Holly Hedge would like to thank the following for their continued support.

Ethicall is a fundraising organisation which has been formed by a dynamic and principled team of individuals who care passionately about charities and their supporters, and deliver long term solutions for the not for profit sector. Their website can be viewed here.Holly Hedge would like to sincerely thank Cristy and the Ethicall team from the bottom of our hearts for all their generous donations, which have enabled our charity to evolve, expand and generate vital income which we could not have contemplated without their invaluable help. They have supported us through some very tough and challenging times, and made such a difference to the future of holly hedge and the animals in our care. Ethicall gave holly hedge a life-line when we needed it most, and we are eternally grateful to them – and so are all our precious rescues who depend on us for their future.